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     This section of the website contains several resources that can help improve your organizational performance and leadership. Your will firm several forms you can use to help you manage change within your group or organization. There is a questionnaire that you can use to assess the culture and environment of change so you can increase the likelihood of success. This section also shows you how to use “Storyboards” to help you implement change or other critical concerns. Finally there is a “Scenario’s” section where you can read various real life situations and then choose in a multi-choice format so you choose amount several alternatives. The purpose of these scenarios is to challenge your thinking so you can better prepare for dealing with a wide range of day to day management and leadership issues. It can be used by you are your team to generate useful discuss on those relevant topics.

Horizontal Management
by D Keith Denton
Buy the book!Shows how to flatten organizations without flattening people.
empoweringEmpowering Intranets to Implement Strategy, Build Teamwork, and Manage Change
by D Keith Denton
Buy the book!How to used intranets, extranets and intranets to help manage your organization.
enviro_managementEnviro-Management: How Smart Companies Turn Environmental Costs into Profits
by D Keith Denton
Buy the book!How going green is not just the right thing to do but the best economical thing to do. Going green makes financial sense.
recruitmentRecruitment, Retention, and Employee Relations: Field-tested Strategies
by D Keith Denton
Buy the book!Successful strategies than have been used to improve employee relations and help retain your best employees.
safetySafety Management: Improving Performance  by D Keith Denton Buy the book!Using psychological and other problem solving tools to improve workplace safety.
enviro_managementDid You Know?: Fascinating Facts & Fallacies About Business
by D Keith Denton
Buy the book!Interesting and intriguing facts and statistics about business management and leadership.
employeeEmployee Complaint Handling: Tested Techniques for Human Resources Managers
by D Keith Denton
Buy the book!How best to deal with employee complains and problem employees.
quality_serviceQuality Service: How America’s Top Companies Are Competing
by D Keith Denton
Buy the book!Tools and techniques to make immediate improvement in the quality of your service to your customers.
service_trainerThe Service Trainer Handbook: Managing Service Businesses (With Service Board)
by D Keith Denton
Buy the book!A training manual and simulation to help you improve your quality service.
toolboxThe Toolbox for the Mind
by D Keith Denton
Buy the book!Tools and techniques to improve your problem-solving and creativity.